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Mirror of Truth
This is quite possibly the worst drawing I've ever done... but here is your surprise gift, :iconaimipuff: ! I've done my best for you. I really hope you like this. 

Look at it both ways if you want, and both can be the reflection.

I don't know what to say. Aimi, even though you might not know it, you've been a huge inspiration to me and helped me through the harder times in so many little ways. I hope we'll continue on this path next year :) (Smile) Thank you for so much!

(Sorry, the glowing purple eyes in the corner are just there to creep you out.)

I know you don't read much Warriors anymore, but recently I've made a new game on Scratch and I've dedicated it to you. It has some themes that I think you might find interesting (although proceed with caution, because... Warriors).…
Tagged by :iconaimipuff:
Thank you!

RULES (copy and pasted):

1. Answer the 13 questions made by the deviant who tagged you, then make your own 13 questions!

2. Tag 13 deviants 

3. Don't say "You're tagged if you're reading this", let's be honest no one will read this unless they were tagged (x~x) 

4. It is forbidden not to tag anyone.

5. And finally, don't tag the deviant who tagged you!!

Her questions:
1. Would you rather live in an art museum or a performance hall?
I don't know what a performance hall is, so an art museum. 
2. If you could make any part of yourself more beautiful, which part of you would it be?
My nose. It's too rounded.
3. Do you prefer this world over all fictional ones?
4. What do you look for when finding love?
I don't look for specific traits. I can fall in love with just about anyone.
5. Cupcakes or cake pops?
Cupcakes... because what is a cake pop?
6. If you had the ability to throw 9000 dollars at an artist (NOT YOURSELF), who would it be?
7. If you could, would you be a professional artist?
8. What's your favorite music?
9. Are you scared of the dark?
Yes. Terribly.
10. What is your favorite type of cake?
I like all cake.
11. What is your deepest fear?
...Being overlooked. Unnoticed. 
12. Do you believe that art is a necessary part of society?
13. And finally, does this sentence trigger you?
Why would it?

My questions:
1. What's your favorite book series? (because I'm boring like that)
2. Bold or underline? 
3. Oranges or apples? 
(Orange army, come forth!)
4. Do you like blue and pink together?
5. Have you NEVER experienced love at first sight?
6. What is the worst book you've ever read?
7. Cats or cats?
8. I'm almost there... uh, what's your favorite food?
9. *scratches head* favorite movie?
10. Favorite color?
11. Favorite... animal?
12. Favorite art style?
13. Unicorns or pegasi?

Pursed Smile
This ended up looking... fine, I guess.

Time: less than an hour or maybe even a half hour
I dunno why I chose 'coral' to be the title. First thing I thought of.



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community


Stormshadow358's Profile Picture
Storm | F | NorCal | Straight
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
(Please note that I will, in my fanfictions, refer to myself as either Storm or Stormshadow3, as I copy and pasted those fanfictions from, where my username is Stormshadow3. I am not the same person as the Stormshadow3 here on Deviantart.)

I'm Stormshadow358, better known as Stormshadow3 on FFN, but just call me Storm.

I'll be doing both digital art and traditional art, but not much more. I'm much more active on my FFN, and the link to my profile is down below at the bottom...? If it shows up.

I've been inactive for, like, five months, so I'm trying to get back on schedule, not that I have one in the first place.


HONOR ROLL of friends with accounts






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6 / 100
I have no need for points or getting myself Core, so what I do eventually earn will be randomly donated to people. I might keep a few for myself in the end, though, heh.

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Since I can't do custom text on my profile, as I don't have Core, I will be using this journal and putting it on as my featured Deviation instead. See, I'm so creative. :D (Big Grin) 

I do commissions and requests here.

Me as Random Strangers See It

Hi, I'm Storm. This is gonna be filled with nothing but advertising, so here goes:

Me on FFN

I know, I write fanfics. Let's get over that.

My Forum on FFN

...I seem to be obsessed with but please join if you have an account. If you don't, make one or else I will set Gorgeousrainbow (Waving Purple Cat) after you. Who's she? Oh, just a Mary-Sue fanfic character I made.

On another topic: here are some basic things about me:

My name is Storm. I read Warriors and is currently obsessed with them. I write fanfics. I doodle sometimes but nothing good ever comes out of it. I also like Percy Jackson and Harry Potter.  My Warriors name is Stormshadow, obviously.

I also like oranges. Orange  I need to limit myself to one a day.

Me as My Closer Friends See It

My name is Emma in real life. I'm good at math, fine at drawing, and (being modest here) good at writing both fanfictions and originals. I don't like science, though.

I appear bright and chipper at school, although some people might not like that. I stay calm in most situations but can get really angry when I do (although I won't do much unless I'm really after you, since I can't think of good retorts most of the time and just have to resort to glaring at you). I don't like being ignored, and would rather get humiliated because at least then I have something concrete to blame. 

My dream is to become a bestselling author one day, and even though I'm still young, I hope that day will come as soon as possible. I've already written more than 190,000 words of fanfics and one 60,000 novel in less than one year as practice, and now I'm writing another novel, hopefully one that I can attempt to publish.

I don't have major problems with sexual ideas in itself, although I will become uncomfortable with it if it is being discussed or someone is talking about it to me.

Sometimes I may get stressed, but I have found that hitting pillows for a few minutes help :3 I tend to get out of being depressed fast. If I ever was depressed.

Honor Roll (of friends with accounts on Deviantart)

My first online friend that is still active! Gold in a nutshell: stuff. Good stuff. Oh, and occasional irritation, but that's every best friend.
Her FFN account

Gold, I wish to give a shoutout to you for being the light that shone through when no one else was listening. On July of 2016 (thanks to Falcon *winks*), we met. Maybe you were... strange at times. Maybe you were annoying at some point (come to think of it, more like a lot of points). Maybe whatever. But we have RPed and private-messaged each other many thousands of times over (and I'm not exaggerating), and I won't let you go even if you go inactive someday. I'll just go stalk your email.

Her account is a joined account with me, but it's still for her. Falcon is a good source of inspiration and an aspiring writer, poet, artist, pop singer, et cetera. 
Her FFN account
Thank you for being there always, as a best friend and a voice of reason.


My offline friend who's also so good at drawing cute little girls it makes me scared. Her FFN account which she doesn't use with the old username she wishes she could get rid of. Plus lots and lots of new creative ideas :3
Thank you for being the first person offline to ever understand my weird obsession with fanfics :)
Now, this is my first EVER online friend. She first reviewed on my fanfiction, Stormshadow's Doom, which I'm not going to give a link to since it's terrible. Since then, even though I wish that she's more active, she has been a supportive and artistic friend.
Her FFN account

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5-19-17, 7:17 PM: indifferent


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More stuff coming soon.



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